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Benefit Concerts at Zion

Welcome from Director of Music, Kyle Hovatter

In the Fall of 2017, we here at Zion SF, were convicted to help with the refugee crisis. We began a partnership with Interfaith Refugee Welcome to put on quarterly concerts supporting various non-profits that are specifically aiding those running from violence across our globe. Since our first show with Sarah Cahill in November 2017, we have been growing an audience and community of music lovers that want to contribute to the great work being done to help these people in crisis.

For a full updated list of upcoming and past concerts

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Benefit Concerts at Zion presents century-spanning music for classical instruments in partnership with Interfaith Refugee Welcome, an interfaith group of San Francisco Bay Area congregations. The congregations work together to help refugees find safety, welcome, freedom and independence; partner with refugee resettlement agencies so they can do more for refugees; and engage congregations and communities to provide awareness, advocacy, direct service, and financial support.


Benefit Concerts at Zion has received financial support from Thrivent Financial, Zion Lutheran Church, and generous anonymous donors in our San Francisco community.

Interfaith Refugee Welcome: Facebook Page

Benefit Concerts at Zion: Facebook Page

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